Men’s Breakfas 弟兄早餐

The men from both English and Mandarin services gathered together at Red Cup Café on Saturday morning. The purpose was to unite our church by building connections between our members so that we may support each other in life and spiritual warfare, as well as have a delicious meal. As people arrived, so began fantastic rich conversations across services, languages and ages. After a sharing of personal testimonies from Rev. Woo Yok and Joshua Teo, people began to open up in their sharing of God’s blessings and lively discussions about what was happening in their lives. Some members were meeting each other for the first time, and some were getting to know an old friend a bit better. After having our eggs, coffee and a smorgasbord of food, we prayed for one another. It was humbling to see how God was able to use this mere two hours to build up our church unity and to see every person leave with a joyous smile and a filled belly. Praise God for the incredible work He has done!
爱邻宣道堂英文堂和中文堂的弟兄们在星期六早上聚集在Red Cup Café。目的是要让会员们彼此建立关系,使我们的教会更合一,我们便能在生命和属灵争战中彼此扶持,也一起享用美味的一餐。当会员一个个到达,弟兄们开始展开跨堂会、跨年龄、跨语言的丰富对话。洪牧师和张弟兄分享了个人见证过后,大家也彼此分享生活的点滴以及帝在他们生命中的作为。在这里有些会员是初次见面,有些对熟悉的朋友有了更多的了解。共进了早餐后,大家彼此代祷。这一次的聚会真是使人谦卑,让我们看到神在仅仅两个小时内使教会建立合一的关系,也让每个参加的弟兄带着喜乐的笑容和填饱的肚子离开。感谢主所做的奇妙的作为!