2018 Easter 复活节

This year’s Easter was very lively because the entire church, both the English and Chinese congregations, worshipped together. In addition, many newcomers attended this important Easter celebration. During the worship, there were performances from the choir and children. The message, entitled "From hopelessness to hope", was relevant and important to our lives.

Easter is not about Easter egg hunts or painting Easter eggs, it is about remembering Jesus' resurrection from the dead. Death to many people paints a picture of hopelessness, but for those who believes in Jesus, it is a picture of hope and joy because Jesus has risen from the dead. Those who believe in Him no longer fear death because they will be resurrected with Him and have eternal life. This is the joy of going from hopelessness to having hope.

When we truly know Jesus and accept Him as our personal saviour, we can experience the transformation from hopelessness to having hope in our lives! If you are experiencing difficulties in your life right now, only Jesus can bring you peace and hope!
今年的复活节很热闹,因为整个教会一同敬拜,包括英文堂和中文堂,并且,看见很多新的朋友也来参加这个重要的复活节崇拜。崇拜里除了献诗,儿童的表演以外,最重要的是带出一个跟我们生活有关的信息 -- - 「从绝望到盼望」。