2018 Mother's Day 母亲节庆祝活动

Praise and thanks to the Lord! This year’s Mother’s Day Combined Service was such a lively occasion; it was lovely to have our brothers and sisters from four different congregations gathered together. Not only did we have a marvellous song performance from the adorable mainly music children, we also had the children from both Holland Road and Box Hill Kids Church bringing us wonderful and touching performances for each and every mother. During the presentations, we also welcomed our beloved Senior Pastor Reverend Woo York Ang on stage to lead us in singing “Mom is the best in the world”; this deeply moving song reminded everyone of the great sacrifices all mothers make for their children.

This Mother’s Day service we were delighted to have Pastor Doris Cheung from our church sharing a message from God. She spoke about the topic “A Mother after God’s own heart” and shared with us the importance of a mother’s role in God’s kingdom. Pastor Doris used Deuteronomy 6:5-9 to demonstrate that educating children is not a “special” thing in life, but a ministry that God wants us to put our whole life into. And in this ministry, to be a mother after God’s own heart, one has to fulfil three tasks: 1) Focus one’s heart and commit oneself unto the Lord, 2) Be a good spiritual role model for the children, 3) Pray for the children according to the Bible. Pastor Cheung’s message not only encouraged all mothers, but also served as a reminder to every father as well.
感谢赞美主,今年我们母亲节的联合崇拜有四个聚会点的弟兄姊妹一同参加,场面非常的热闹。在聚会中,看到mainly music 音乐律动的可爱小朋友们带来了精彩的歌唱表演,也看到Holland Road以及Box Hill聚会点的儿童教会带给每位母亲的动人演出。最后,我们也很开心的邀请了主任牧师洪与约带大家一同唱著感人的“世上只有妈妈好”,让大家都流下思念天下母亲伟大的眼泪。