2019 Landy's Afternoon Tea 姊妹下午茶聚会

We held our first church-wide women’s event for the year - a sumptuous afternoon tea at Little Things Coffee in Blackburn. Over 30 beautiful ladies across the congregations and from different generations gathered together to enjoy each other’s company, good food and a relaxed atmosphere.

Good things happen when women gather together! We hope to hold quarterly events for our ladies in future.
我们刚刚在今年举办了第一次全教会的姊妹聚会-在位于BLACKBURN的Little Thing Coffee咖啡馆举行的豪华下午茶宴。 在当天,我们看到了有超过30位跨聚会所以及不同年龄的姊妹一同共襄盛举,并享用了上帝所赐美食及輕鬆的氛围。 大家可以说是欢度了一个愉快的下午时光。

我们相信当我们一同与主里的姊妹交通,好事就会发生! 我们因此希望在每一季都能够举办类似的姊妹聚会。感謝主的奇妙作為。