Christmas Thanksgiving Lunch 聖誕感恩午宴

During this year’s Christmas eve, we were at Tao’s Restaurant for the year-end Christmas Thanksgiving Lunch. During the lunch, our beloved Pastor Andrew Lian shared a short message related to Christmas. We also enjoyed many music items that our children performed, which gave us a good sense of Christmas celebration. There were series of lucky draws hosted during the feast, which made everyone who attended the lunch very happy. To end, we all sung We Wish A Merry Christmas to conclude the lovely thanksgiving lunch.
在今年的圣诞节前夕,我们一同到了位于Bulleen的富贵陶园,享用了美味的圣诞感恩午宴。席间有连学文传道带来简短关于圣诞节的信息,也欣赏了好多小朋友準备的音乐表演节目,让我们感受到满满的圣诞气氛。除此之外,主办单位更为大家準备了一连串抽奖活动,使每一位来参加午宴的嘉宾都感到趣味连连。席末大家则以We Wish You. A Merry Christmas来为这个美好的午宴划下一个完美的句点。