Mission Calendar 宣教日历

Year 2020 年:
Short term mission to Lawas, Sarawak in January, the team arrived Melbourne safely on early February and soon after, whole of Australia was in lockdown due to Covid 19 pandemic worldwide.

Year 2019 年:
Mission bookmarks 宣教书签, Mission flag quiz 猜国旗比赛, Mission month 宣教月, Compassion Pantry食物柜, Christmas shoebox 圣诞鞋盒礼物, Christmas Carol outreach 圣诞报佳音, Short-term mission 短宣to Chiang Rai, North Thailand; to Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Year 2018 年:
Mission month 宣教月, Christmas shoebox圣诞鞋盒礼物, Christmas Carols 圣诞报佳音, CNY & Easter Outreach at Box Hill 农历新年及复活节布道, Blind People’s Choir outreach [生命光]诗歌布道.