Testimonials 见证分享 (2020 年 – Short-Term Mission, Lawas 拉瓦斯短宣)

After spending sometime at Lawas, I realized that everything we used to rely on at home is not important. In this mission trip, I observed that everyone was filled with the presence of God. Everyone was smiling happily from the bottom of their hearts. I asked one of them and they said that nothing really matters when you are with God. I felt that they are truly living in God’s kingdom. Their happy smiles enforced my belief; when you are filled with the Holy Spirit, you can endure under any circumstance because God is always watching over you and keeping you safe.

Remember this verse ‘Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus” Philippians 4:6-7.

(Ye Ser, 11 years old)

我在 拉瓦斯 (Lawas) 待了一段时间之后,我才意识到我们过去在家中所依赖的一切东西都不重要。在这次宣教旅途中,我觉察到了每个人都打从心底地微笑,因为神与他们同在。我问其中一个人,他们说,当你与上帝同在时,其他的都不重要了,我觉得他们是真正活在上帝的国度里。他们的笑容坚定了我的信仰,当你被圣灵充满时,你可以忍受任何的情况,因为上帝一直都在看顾保守着你。


(业赦, 11 岁)

This was my first mission trip and I was worried about the culture, the accommodations and the people there as I was informed that their ancestors were head-hunters. But when I started to meet with the people there, I noticed that they were really friendly and happy. I wondered why they were so happy even though they live in a simple life without basic necessities such as water, electricity not to mention technology as compared to us. They were thankful for what God has done for them and accepted what they have been provided. This mission trip has taught me how to be thankful in any situation and trust God is leading us to the right path.

(Ye Han, 14 years old)

这是我第一次参加短期宣教。当我得知弄巴湾族 (Lun Bawang) 的祖先是猎头族时,我开始担心那里的人,他们的文化及住宿等问题。但是当我与那里的人接触后,我注意到他们真的很友善和喜乐。我想知道,他们为什么如此地快乐呢?与我们相比他们生活非常简单,即使没有基本的水电供应(更不用说科技产品了),他们还是那么的喜乐。他们感谢上帝为他们所做的一切,并接受了上帝所供应的。这次的短宣让我学会如何在任何的环境下都要感恩,并坚信上帝所带领的道路。

(业瀚, 14 岁)

Zechariah 4:6 (NIV) So he said to me, “This is the word of the LORD to Zerubbabel: ‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the LORD Almighty.

It was my first time going as a team and it was a learning curve for me. We learnt to work together, made plans but be prepared for them to be changed, have tolerance, flexibility and the ability to adapt. Most of all, we had daily devotions together and prayed together. We acknowledged our reliance on God for all things and trust in His protection and provision for each individual needs and as a team at all times.

It was such a privilege and joy meeting up with our brothers and sisters in Lawas, Sarawak. Their warmth and hospitality made us very welcomed. Their simple lifestyle encompassed a rich community spirit and their love for God. Their ‘chapel’ is placed centrally and is an important place for worship and gathering together. Their praise and worship is exuberant, their early morning devotions signal the start of their day and they surrounded us with their love and prayers whenever the occasions arose.

We participated in their preaching roster, praise and worship time and Children’s ministry. It was so touching to see about 100 kids in attendance when ministering to them in praise songs and a bible story. They come from boarding schools as they do not have enough resources for individual schools in each village.

Though the team had it rough at times, we had lots of fun together, supported and looked out for each other and got to know the local people there a little better with their rich history and background.

It was indeed God’s Holy Spirit who binds us together in unity and love for each other throughout our time there. We were very much blessed in return. ~ In all things, unto His glory, honour and praise always

(Pat Ngai)

撒迦利亚书4:6(和合本) 他对我说:「这是耶和华指示所罗巴伯的。万军之耶和华说:『不是倚靠势力,不是倚靠才能,乃是倚靠我的灵方能成事。』」







(Pat Ngai)